Why Choose Hannibal Regional?

For over 110 years, you have put your trust in Hannibal Regional to provide high quality medical care close to home.  Our physicians will work with you to create a treatment plan that's right for you and we offer more choices than ever before for primary care services.  You can choose a provider who will listen, help and heal - because when it comes to your healthcare, the one you choose, the one your trust and the one you see makes all the difference.  

It's your choice...why go anywhere else?

Primary Care Services

Getting the best healthcare begins with choosing the right primary care provider.  Primary care providers play an important role in your health and you shouldn’t wait until you’re sick to find one.  Primary care providers prefer to see their patients regularly and are able to notice symptoms you may miss.

Annual visits with a primary care provider may help guide changes in your lifestyle habits which can decrease the likelihood of developing chronic health conditions.  A primary care provider serves as a guide through your health journey and they are able to connect you with the right specialist if needed.  

To start your journey to better health call (573) 629-3500.

By listening, your primary care provider can offer better support and communication about your health needs. Communication is key in allowing your provider to appropriately address your health. 

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, can be difficult to monitor on your own.  Primary care providers partner with you to help you stay organized and aware of how your chronic condition is affecting your body. 

Primary care providers are able to discuss and treat a variety of health issues whether they are physical, emotional or mental.  A primary care provider is trained to treat a little bit of everything and will help develop the right plan of care to meet your needs.