Heart Assessments

$99* Heart Health Assessment 

If you are over age 40, learn about your risk for cardiovascular heart disease, heart attack and stroke. This assessment includes: EKG, BMI, blood pressure check, glucose screening, and complete lipid panel screening. 

Early detection is key when dealing with heart disease. Call our office to schedule your assessment today: 573-629-3500

$99* Calcium Scoring Test 

This test is used to detect calcium deposits found in plaque in the coronary arteries. Your cardiologist can make decisions on how to lower your risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Call to see if this test is right for you.


Early detection is key when dealing with heart disease. Call our office to schedule your assessment today: 573-248-5688


*Cash price. Both the assessment and test are priced for a cash payment. Additional charges may apply if paid through insurance. The heart screening and calcium scoring are two separate tests.  To have both tests, the cost will be $198.  Promotions expire February 28, 2020.

Testimony From The Heart

Along with Valentine’s Day, February marks Heart Month, a perfect time to learn about your heart’s health and commit to a healthier lifestyle. 

Joel Booth, a 30-year old loan officer at F&M Bank & Trust, attended a Lion’s Club meeting and listened to Bob Crawford, Group Director of Cardio/Pulmonary at Hannibal Regional discuss the importance of taking care of your heart and some new heart screenings being offered at Hannibal Regional. 

Joel decided to make an appointment on Martin Luther King day, since he had the day off. It was a normal morning, he was very relaxed, but once the nurse began his checkup - everything changed. The first nurse, went and grabbed a second nurse and then they both grabbed Kim Cordes, a nurse practitioner with Hannibal Regional Medical Group. Joel’s blood pressure was 215/108 . Joel’s first thoughts were “Thank God I had this checked. If Bob would not have come to speak, I could have died.” Early detection screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes help make patients aware of potential risks. It allows patients to change their habits and make wise choices that can greatly improve their life. “I’m now making better decisions for a healthier heart. I’ve cut back on sodium and reduced my red meat intake to only one meal a week”  says Joel. “The healthcare providers also performed a sleep study and I found out that I had sleep apnea, which was causing a portion of my high blood pressure. Now with a CPAP machine, blood pressure medicine and a healthier diet, my blood pressure is under control and I’m not getting light-headed like before.”
Remember, you’ve only got one heart - so take care of it. To schedule a heart health assessment, like Joel did, call 
573-629-3500 and learn your risks for heart disease. Additional tests are available based on pre-screening results.